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have been. we have some clouds in the mountains to the north and west. some of them up near the pennsylvania border, northern maryland and around here we are looking at a cold start with readings in the 20s in most areas to around 30. temperatures are climbing to the upper 30s and near 40 under mostly sunny skies. it is 6:00. here's patranya bhoolsuwan with the traffic. >> good morning, everybody. we have several trouble spots to tell you about. the first is in silver spring. as you can see repair crews are on the scene of this water main break. it has been out there for a while here. piney branch and cara avenue. those streets and university. still closed. another spot to watch for due to a water main break is glenn dale boulevard and eastbound 564. all lanes are closed there, as well. let's head outside and check out in the district -- actually, here an accident in the district, rigs road is closed between north capitol and rock creek church due to a
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power pole. crews are trying to clear the streets. so avoid that area if possible. 270 northbound, let's check it out. actually southbound father hurley to the split, no problems there and 95 northbound in virginia. we'll wrap it up there. no big problems either. back to you. the top of the hour we are following a developing story. here's the latest on that massive earthquake in haiti. the early damage reports call the scene catastrophic. buildings across the island nation are in ruins. there's no official death toll yet but it is expected to be in the thousands. doctors report medical facilities are overwhelmed. president obama says relief efforts are being prepared including search and rescue teams from our region. this morning we are getting the first video out of haiti since the earthquake struck and it shows the amazing devastation. this is what it looked like overnight at the main university at port-au-prince, that's haiti's capital.
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the magnitude 7 earthquake is called the strongest in 200 years. an early report says thousands of buildings collapsed. people arriving from haiti last night talked about what they experienced. >> it was a big shake. we thought it was something that hit the building but it turned out it was an earthquake and it was only after the event we realized it was an earthquake. >> reporter: scientists with the u.s. geological survey say it was a shallow earthquake centered just off the coast and that cented to the severe shaking and the damage. besides losing homes and businesses, haitian symbols of national pride were lost. this is a picture of the national palace, home of hey di's -- haiti's president. this is what it looked like in 2006. and now a look at it from yesterday. a physical loss and a hit to national pride. local search and rescue teams are waiting for orders this morning. they are ready to head to haiti
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and help out alex trevino is live with the story. >> reporter: andrea, 671 members of the fairfax county search and rescue team here at the fire training academy are doing some last-minute sleeping and preparing before heading out to haiti. food, water, first aid, 52,000- pounds of gear is packed. 70 specialists from fairfax county surgery and rescue are preparing for the mission. >> we have people here who have been to haiti before as recently as a year ago. we have special groups within the team that include medical doctors, structural engineers and rescue specialists. >> reporter: the assistant chief said the team has been waiting to be deployed since last night, moments after the earthquake shook haiti. they must be prepared to di deploy at the drop of the hat. >> really to tell you the truth it is prepared all the time. bags are packed, passports are ready. personal gear is kept in the bed of my pickup truck, 365 days a year.
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>> reporter: lewis a 17-year veteran says the first step is to unload the aircraft and immediately getting to work once they land. right now members from the search and rescue team here in fairfax county are doing last- minute checking. looking at their personal belongings, making sure everything is ready to go before heading to the airport. we will keep you posted on developments. reporting live, alex trevino, 9 news now and several of our neighbors are desperately trying to learn any information about loved ones in haiti. jean michelle used facebook to get his 77-year-old mother on the phone. >> told me her house collapsed. she's okay, but there's nothing in the house that's salvageable. my uncle is also in the house. he's okay. and i asked what are they going to do? where are they going to sleep tonight? she said she didn't know. >> reporter: his mother was outside when the quake hit.
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she said that several people stayed away from buildings to survive the quake and the aftershock. stay with us for continuing coverage of the quake. get updates while you are at work by visiting learn about local relief efforts. we will be going to the haitian embassy later this morning for a press conference and you will get more from our partners at cbs coming up on the "early show" at 7:00. new at 6:00 a.m., the start of a congressional race in virginia. today fairfax county supervisor pat hairty will announce he's running for congress. he will challenge freshman congressman gerald connelly. the two used to serve together on the county board of supervisors. marksden will be the new senator for the 37th district in virginia. he won by a 330-vote margin. when the results are confirmed he will replace the attorney general elect. prince georges county states attorney glenn ivey
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decide not to run for congress. he formed an exploratory committee to determine how successful a campaign might be and he said he has no plans to seek re-election as the county's top prosecutor. he says he will enter the private sector once his term is up. police in montgomery county are investigating the first homicide of the year. the body of an 18-year-old man was found in rural brookeville on tuesday morning. we first brought you the story 24 hours ago. the body of alex roman was found laying in brush along brookeville road. he had been shot to death, but police aren't sure if roman was killed there. >> we don't believe it was random. there had been some reports of drug use in this area. that's one of the things that detectives are looking at, but by no means is that the only motive they are looking at. >> any idea who this might be? >> i have no idea. that's why i'm here to find out because i want to find out if i know the person or not. >> reporter: investigators say
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roman had been reported missing in prince georges county last november. it is time for another "living $mart" report. and jessica doyle has a preview of the day on the hill for the banking industry. >> a lot of people will be watching today. we are talking an the top banking executives are gathering in washington today and later this morning they are expected to get a grilling on the hill. top leaders for goldman sachs, j.p. morgan chase and bank of america and others will be questioned about the financial meltdown last year and they want to know why the banks were reluctant to lend to small businesses and homeowners. and will be questioned about the bonuses they are expected to hand out after being given bailout money. the white house is expected to announce tomorrow a new fee on the biggest banks to recover $120 billion.
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projected revenue is likely to be included in the budget the president will submit next month. some economists warn the bank fees could be passed on to  consumers creating essentially a new tax for consumers. as the banks work out the final numbers beforehanding out massive bonuses this year the fdic is planning to rein in future bonus pay. banks that don't comply will face higher fees. again we get in to that situation, does it get passed on to the consumer. it's the huge deplate bait going on right now. >> the consumers know answer is probably some of it will be passed on. thank you, jessica. gas prices are moving quickly back to $3. let's check the price this morning. here's the numbers out.
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time now for our focus on maryland's weather and traffic. here's howard. we have a chilly morning out there. a few clouds toward the pennsylvania border and northern maryland but everywhere it is a cold morning. a quiet morning weather wise. readings in the mid-20s in spots. down to 28 in frederick. 25 at andrews air force base. 24 baltimore. and 25 from easton. looking for today a good deal of sunshine. mostly sunny. hancock 37. potomac 40 and bowie topping off at 42. patranya bhoolsuwan, good morning. hey there. good morning. problems in maryland still focus on the water main break. first in silver spring as we take a picture there. university boulevard is closed between piney branch and carroll. and 270, no problems here. and now in glenn dale we lost the icon but it is still there.
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route 564 and glenn dale boulevard all lanes are blocked at this hour and finally a live shot at pennsylvania and alabama. one car going by there. no problems 4, 5 and 301. it is a good day no matter how you feel this morning. best-selling author and motivational speaker willie jolly explains why you should be a excited. >> reporter: good morning. this is willie jolly. we have been talking about the fact that every day is an opportunity to be excited and be excited about the blessings that you have called life. someone said god's gift to us is life. our gift to god is what we do with our lives. i encourage you to be excited about each day. even though there are challenges be excited. i have a saying that i say, when people i say how are you doing and i say i am blessed. they say how do you say that. i say every day i wake up without a chalk line around my body i'm blessed. every day above ground is a
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good day. you don't believe me? try missing one. this is a blessed day because you are here. be excited about the possibilities and excited about life and go about turning those challenges in to champion moments. live life with gust toe. it's all you got and this is not a dress rehearsal. this is it. this is willie jolly, visit my website at willie for free motivation and make this a great day. an for a dollar? that's yours. - how far can i get with this? - you can get out. hi. what can i get for this? how 'bout two sizzling 100% pure beef patties... with all the amenities in a meaty, melty mcdouble. or maybe an irresistible mcchicken, golden fries, or any of the fabulous dollar menu tastes... that are always here for you. - eh? - wow! the dollar menu. every day, only at mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba
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here's what is in the news now, doctors in haiti say the nation's medical facilities are overwhelmed. it was hit by a magnitude seven
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quake on tuesday. the death toll in haiti is expected to be in the thousands. president obama will ask congress for $33 billion in more funding for the wars in afghanistan and iraq. the associated press reports that's on top of the $708 billion already requested. the pentagon worries it could be a hard sell. turtles rescued from the cold weather in florida are heading home. marine biologists are returning them to the wild, but more cold turtles are in need of help. we say good morning to howard. just keep thinking of what willie jolly says, every day above ground is a good day. kind of true. >> you have to look at the bright side. >> you definitely do. >> incredible the cold air was. i have a brother that lives in tampa and when they get frost on the golf course in tampa you know it is cold there. maybe a couple of flurries across florida.
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weather wise, we're in good shape. talk about what is happening. we have a warmup heading our way. the forecast first, start with the upcoming january thaw. milder temperatures on the way. 15 of the last 16 days have been below average. and 44 the last time we hit the 40s, january 1st and the last time we hit the 50s was december 26th. the next three days near 40 today. mid-40s tomorrow and near 50 as we head to friday and if we don't hit a 0 on friday i think we will do it on saturday. the bus stop forecast this morning, clear and cold and a couple of high clouds. 25 to 32 with a sunrise here at 7:26. little bit of a wind chill but winds aren't too strong. sunny and not as cold. today near 40 with a west wind at five to ten miles an hour. clear, calm and cold, 18 to 28. winds on the light side. less than five miles an hour.
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this morning it is clear. good visibility. and temperature 28 degrees with no winds at reagan national. dew point is 18. so the air is dry. the relative humidity for that 28 is 60%. and we have other cold readings like easton, 25. and a data issue out west. we don't have winchester, martinsburg 27. cumberland 28 and 28 dulles. actually saw the cold though the gulf coast. orlando and memphis in the 20s. chicago is 19. we are seeing warmth in the south of texas and southwest in california and phoenix. look at this big storm on the west coast. as this moves east, the winds turn southwesterly ahead of it and the milder temperatures here get pushed and moved in our direction. that's why we expect the warmup but first we have to get rid of the storm behind me and you will notice some snow showers pennsylvania and new york state but that will shut down laterred to today.
6:16 am
the seven-day forecast looks good through saturday. temperatures warm from the 30s to the 50s by saturday. on sunday, a chilly rain, highs in the low 40s ending monday morning. monday 46 and tuesday back to 50. patranya bhoolsuwan has the >> excited for the warmup coming up. good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. start with sky nine. a live picture here in maryland. we have been telling you about the water main break on 564 and glenn dale boulevard. all lanes are shut down going eastbound. avoid the area if possible. thank you sky 9 for that shot. another water main break in university. we do have a live camera here, as well. repair crews are blocking all eastbound lanes between piney ranch and carroll. good morning, virginia. head outside for good news on 66 eastbound. right now centreville past 50 to the beltway seeing more traffic pick up but no big problems to report. as we jump to the maps, inner loop from 95 from wilson bridge
6:17 am
past annandale to 66, clean and green. everything is at speed. 39 5a slow down between duke and seminary and after that all clear to the 14th street bridge. back to you. >> thank you. it is 6:17. the parents of a missing virginia tech student are calling for a renewed never the search to find their daughter. morgan harrington vanished three months ago. she was last seen at a concert in charlottesville. a new but smaller search effort will begin next month thanks to community volunteers. her friends say she was not acting rabblely the knight she vanished but her father doesn't believe that. >> the behair that is described is not typical for my daughter, nor is hitchhiking typical for my daughter, or none of this makes sense. why did she go out of the door here at the arena? makes no sense at all. >> reporter: it has been nearly a month since the last large-
6:18 am
dale search for morgan harrington. catholic university is showing off something found in a bathroom cabinet. an original etching done by rembrandt. the etching went on display this week. it's open to the public. the print was found years ago by the university's president when he was in search of paper towels. the etching will be on display at catholic university in may. at the library of congress an amazingly rare map is on display. it is call the impossible black tulip. the map from 1602 has one of the first references to florida and has china at the center of the world. it is on display through april. for more information, go to the links page at 6:18. ahead in sports the capital and lightning put on an offensive show in tampa. an the redskins bring on jim haslett as part of the coaching
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. more coaching changes coming to the redskins. the team signed jim haslett. he will be the new defensive coordinator. he's best known for running a three-four defense. right now the skins run a four- three. the capitals wrap up the three-game road trip tonight in south florida. they take on the panthers. the puck drops at 7:30. the caps were on the other side of the state last night visiting the lightning. martin's power play goal in the second period broke a 4-4 tie. the capitals lose 7-4. it is washington's first loss to tampa bay in over two years. the wizards hosted the pistons last night. detroit was riding a 13-game losing streak. the wiz were the remedy for that.
6:23 am
charlie scored 23 points for the pistons and the wizards lose 99-90. jamison had 31 in the loss. the wizards visit the hawks tonight. maryland was down many winston-salem last night taking on wake forest. the game went to overtime. ismail had a jumper with 19 seconds left for the deacons. terps lose 85-83. vas vasquez scored 30 in the losing effort. a new group is announcing its intentions to put a stop to all distracted driving. the national safety council finds 10,000 people die from the actions of such drivers. peggy fox talked to some people who the fight to make distracted driving illegal is personal. >> she hit it so hard her car blew up. >> reporter: carrie witnessed a distracted driver kill herself when he swerved off the road two months ago. >> she kept looking down and then looking up. so she was obviously looking for something in the car.
6:24 am
as i started to go up the hill it is like her car exploded. it was like boom! >> reporter: stories like that are fueling a new fight against distracted driving. it is spear headed by a group called focus driven. its founding members have all lost loved ones because of distracted drivers. >> look at that beautiful smile. and that beautiful smile, and the x-rays of her teeth are what identified her body. >> she should have graduated this year from college. her mother and i should have seen her wed and held our first grand baby. >> so if they see somebody with a cell phone in their hand, they are going to give them a ticket. >> reporter: they appeared with transportation secretary and the national safety council who draw no distinction between hands-free devices and texting or any kind of distractions. they want every state to pass tough laws against it it. >> has to stop. we have to look at this as a national epidemic that it is
6:25 am
and stand up and say this is wrong. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now and >> it is 6:25. ahead the it willest on the earthquake in haiti. and local efforts to help those affected. plus, homes in danger in calvert county, maryland. new urgency to stop erosion now. sky nine is live over the water main break in maryland. 564 glendale boulevard. all eastbound lanes remain closed. we will have more coming up. first we will end send it over to howard. >> talk about a warmup but it is not here yet. we will have the latest temperatures for you and a look at the wednesday forecast when 9 news now this morning returns. (announcer) dry, cracked hands?
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new gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. we continue to follow developing news. the devastating earthquake in haiti the first video from the scene shows the devastation and chaos. thousands are feared dead. coming up the latest on what happened and local efforts to help out. good wednesday morning. i'm andrea roane. we want to get you started for your day. we go to meteorologist howard bernstein on the weather terrace. he has our forecast. howard? >> still have very cold start to the day. the good news is the winds are
6:30 am
fairly light. looking out at the sky, we have a few clouds that rolled in but no biggies. temperature-wise in the 20s in most areas, mid to upper 20s. 24 for quantico one of the cold spots there and 28 in town. 27 southern maryland and martinsburg 27. the wind chill of 19. not much of a wind chill but where the breeze is blowing upper teens. today a good deal of sunshine. some clouds mixed in but not as cold as it has been. highs may get close to the 40- degree mark. that is sounds good. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. sky nine over the problem we are having on 564 and glenn dale boulevard. look at the live shot from the sky. water main break has all lanes blocked going eastbound. watch out if you are heading in that area. another water main break to tell you about in maryland. this is eastbound university boulevard shut down between carroll and piney branch. as you can see the crews are on the scene on the right side of
6:31 am
the screen. avoid the area, as well. an incident at rigs road. a downed power line. crews are trying to clear that off the roadway. that incident is still there and another area to stay away from. and finally 395 northbound, a little slow down between seminary and duke, but otherwise so far so good. back to you. we are tracking developing news for you. the devastation in haiti after a massive earthquake. the magnitude 7 quake hit over 12 hours ago but we are getting the first look at the damage and you can see how horrible it is. earlier reports say thousands of homes, buildings and hospitals are destroyed. there's no official death toll but it is expected to be in the thousands. a haitian deejay spoke with a british television station via sky and he says there's been little government response. >> they are trying to help each other but nothing official
6:32 am
because where i am now in the streets there's a lo of people crying for help. a lot of people bleeding. a lot of people who need help, no need water, medication and everything. >> reporter: at least two americans are believed to be trapped in wreckage right now. the white house is vowing help in the recovery and rebuilding efforts in haiti. secretary of state hillary clinton says the u.s. will offer its full assistance. >> we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance and our prayers are with the people who have suffered, their families and their loved ones. >> reporter: among those ready to help, search and rescue workers from fairfax county. alex trevino is live from fairfax, virginia, with that part of the story. alex? >> reporter: andrea, members of the disaster assistance response team are getting ready and loading up and this has to mean we are closer to head off to haiti, isn't that true, rebecca? >> we sure hope so.
6:33 am
for us the priority right now is making sure as soon as we are told to go we are ready to do that. that's why you see the fairfax county urban search and rescue team starting to move their gear on to the truck. >> talk to us about the gear. what is involved. what do members carry on their trip. >> obviously they have their own personal gear, clothing and their uniforms they wear, but they also have highly specialized technical equipment. you may see some of the largester boxes going in are scopes that help them to see in to the rubble. >> part of the mission is going out there and hopefully saving lives. so much more is involved as well. >> a lot more is involved. hopefully the small piece of assistance we can provide to haiti in the aftermath of this tragic disaster will demonstrate one small portion of the generosity of the american people. >> what is the latest word we are hearing. we are getting coordinated and what's the next step?
6:34 am
>> the next step is to hear go from our office in washington, d.c. as soon as they tell us to do that we will start to get on buses and hopefully get to the airports so we can board a plane and head directly in to haiti. so many moving parts to this story. we are keeping you updated. we're live, alex trevino, 9 news now and >> with so many lines of communication down we are learning a about the devastation through the web and that's how people are trying to contact loved ones. kristin fisher has that part of the story. >> reporter: once again, social networks sites have been a powerful tool forking information and images on the ground. in addition for family members to get information on their loved ones. some of the earliest images after the earthquake in haiti came from twitter. i want to share some of them with you right now. you can see right here, before i show you those images, i want to warn you some are a bit
6:35 am
graphic. if you don't want to see them, turn away. we will look at them here. this image has been circulating on the web nonstop. it is from a user who lives in haiti and he's been uploading pictures from the aftermath of the earthquake, nonstop since it happened. this one by far has been his most popular. you can see this haitian woman trying to climb out of the rubble. here's another shot of another woman that seems to be circulating on the web and finally leave you with this shot of building that has collapsed. a busy street and all of these images. look at the number of views down here. 4,000 views. that's incredibly high for a twit pick. this is when we were getting the first pictures after the earthquake. twitter was very useful in terms of getting on the ground quickly and letting us seaway was happening and we are getting a lot of new information on twitter. it is a trending topic on twitter this morning and they
6:36 am
have started a help haiti thread in which people can get on there and ask people if they know anything about their loved ones or they can find out ways they can make donations to the red cross and various other organizations that are trying to help out. that's what is happening on twitter. i want to show you facebook. on facebook they created earthquake haiti. and in less than 24 hours, this group has generated 11,000 members. an just want to show you what people are posting on the wall. they are using the site to try to find their loved ones they can't seem to locate and i will leave you with this. one gentleman right here posted i'm trying to locate my grandfather. does anyone have family in this location? that's how people are using the social networking sites this morning, trying to figure out what is going on the ground when they can't get in touched with their loved ones. back to you. >> thank you. the earthquake is essentially hard on haiti. it is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. it is estimated 80% of the
6:37 am
population lives in poverty. many people get by on $2 a day. of the 182 nations ranked on the human development index, haiti ranks 149th. the largest donors of international aid are the united states, canada and venezuela. haiti is on the same island as the dominican republic, that is espanol. it is video from san toe domingo. people felt the quake and panicked a bit but no report of death or damage from the quake there. stay with us for continuing coverage of the haiti earthquake. get updates while you are at work by visiting learn about local relief efforts. we will be going to the haitian embassy this morning for a press conference and you will get more from our partners at cbs coming up on the "early show" at the top of the hour. in other news, new urgency this morning to stop erosion in calvert county, maryland. homes there are in danger of
6:38 am
collapsing. a recent mudslide at one house sent a deck and hot tub plummeting in the chesapeake bay and two weeks ago a neighborhood road was closed for fear it may collapse in to the water. angry residents of chesapeake ranch estates say the presence of the endangered tiger beetle blocked proposals to shore up the cliff for 15 years. >> they are putting the beetle over my safety and neighbors safety and that's not right. >> we will fix it if they let us. this has been a 15-year battle. it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: county officials say the affected homes are in a private community and the homeowners association is responsible. it's a big day in annapolis and richmond today. both state legislators are back in session. maryland's begins at noon and virginia's begins this evening. the big issue for both states, the budget. both are dealing with massive short falls and facing difficult cuts. a followup now to a story
6:39 am
we brought you a week ago. people for thetical treatment of animals says it will pull it ad campaign featuring the first lady. pi that admitted it did not have her permission for the campaign and the white house didn't like it. it refuse to comment on the new move by pi that. google is an international power house but it is about to pull out of one of the big markets, china. in four minutes why the search engine may leave the nation completely. our focus on virginia's weather and traffic. here's howard. we are looking at a chilly morning in virginia although not as cold as it has been. i talked to our catlett viewer, charlie. he's a good guy. they have had some data issues this morning, not us but from the national weather service, a few missing there in virginia. we have temperatures in the mid to upper 20s this morning. we will have some sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in olney 39.
6:40 am
king george 41. patranya bhoolsuwan, good morning to you. >> hi there. good morning. good morning, everyone in fredericksburg rubbing your eyes trying to get out of bed, no problems for you. an open roadway until you hit prince william parkway on 95 southbound. that's when you hit traffic heading to the mixing bowl. let's get out to route 50 in arlington. more traffic is picking up this morning but no big incidents or accidents to report there and finally fly over the gw parkway past 123 to the key bridge going southbound. looking good this morning. thank you for spending some time with us this wednesday. more news, weather and traffic is coming up after the break. cycycyc;c;ckccoc/c/
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time for today's "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is back with a renewed look at the credit crunch. >> we may be sighing saying good-bye to instant credit cards you get. you go the store and they offer you 10% off if you open a credit card right away. the reason it is harder to get a credit card. sweeping reforms have been finalized by the federal reserve. among the changes you have to state your income and give
6:44 am
information about your current debt levels when applying for a credit card. right now they approve them based on your credit score. the new rules take effect on february 22nd. google is threatening to pull its web search services out of china and they have decided to stop censoring the search results. it came after they learned that hackers tricked human rights advocates in to eck posing their e-mail accounts. the internet search leader had said it will censor politicalty and socially sensitive account. the triple crown for netflix. beginning of the the spring the wii will be the last of the three video game consoles to get instant viewing of netflix videos. we need a netflix subscription that costs $9 a month. >> they are getting on board. >> finally. finally to the drama in
6:45 am
late-night television. conan says he will not move to 12:05 in order to accommodate the new jay leno show he called the move destructive. so everyone is wondering, what's next. conan says he has not received offers from other networks. david letterman got in a few jokes at conan's expense. >> you know what this means, that's right, i knocked off another competitor [ applause ] thank you. and then i got a call just before i came out here from nbc and they said, look, look, we still don't want you back [ laughter ] >> really? >> of course you can see letterman tonight after our late news. here's howard with the forecast. >> we are going to see a warmup. i read some of conan's statements and he feels "the tonight show" being on at 11:30 as it has been for decades. >> -- 12:05 is not tonight. >> he doesn't want to be part of it. maybe it is easier. >> a lot of money riding on it.
6:46 am
>> he will be okay. >> everybody will be okay. >> will we be okay? >> yes. it will be a little warmer today and tomorrow and then warmer than that as we head to friday and saturday. here's your forecast first. looking a the next three days, near 40 this afternoon. haven't done that since january 1st, topping the 40-degree mark. tomorrow in the 40s and then on friday 40s to near 50. occasional clouds passing through. mid-20s to low 30s at the bus stop with the sunrise at 7:26. this afternoon, mostly sunny. not as cold as yesterday. near 4 of west winds five to ten. tonight, clear, calm and cold, 18 to 28. another chilly morning but we are slowly getting out of the deep freeze. we have some clouds to the north. you see them come across northern virginia and dc and maryland but to the south we have more in the way of clear skies. looking clear out there but a
6:47 am
few clouds mixed in. and temperatures in the upper 20s with no winds and the dew point is at 15. a dry air mass. lows now, temperatures where they have been and 25 easton. 27 down in pax river naval air station. quantico 24 and 28 cumberland, hagerstown and dulles airport and the cold extends to the gulf coast where new orleans is 36. miami 47. florida still cold but not as cold -- not destructively cold but the damage has been done to much of the citrus crops down there. a big storm out west even in to california. this will pick up the milder air and push it toward us the next couple of days. we will see a nice little warmup around here. by sunday is when things will go downhill. 39 this afternoon. 46 tomorrow. by friday we are looking at temperatures in the upper 40s to near 50. saturday, if we don't make 50 on friday we will do it on
6:48 am
saturday. rain moves in on sunday, chilly and 42 and mlk day 46 and tuesday a high near 50. looking at 50 on tuesday. right now 28. it is 6:48. here's patranya bhoolsuwan. >> thank you, howard. i like the warmup. bring it in soon. i want to see some warm weather out there. check out the traffic. we have a problem we have been showing you the situation in silver spring due to a water main break. eastbound university boulevard it is shut down between piney branch and carroll avenues. so folks have to get around this morning. factor in extra time if you are going through that route. let's go outside and check outer loop here between 95 and georgia. some traffic moving up here, but no incidents or accidents to report. that's the good news on the capital beltway in montgomery county. let's head out to 270 southbound right now. so far so good. wide open lanes between father hurley and the split. a 17-minute commute on that route.
6:49 am
good morning, virginia. hope you are waking up well. happy wednesday to you. a slow down 50 to 123 and drivers will be on the brakes once they get to nutley and that is through the beltway. no accidents there either. 95 northbound, prince william to fairfax county parkway, a 20- minute delay. so get out there and be safe. everybody buckle up. back to you. >> 6:49. a story that is new this morning, the national institute of health is helping dc deal with its hiv aids epidemic. 3% of all district residents have hiv aids. that's the highest rate in the nation. the nih initiative will provide $26.4 million to the dc department of health to expand testing and treatment to city residents. the hospital formerly known as the greater southeast community hospital is in desperate need of money. the "washington post" says the united medical center, as it is now known, is facing a $20 million deficit. this comes after dc leaders
6:50 am
provided $79 million to help to keep the facility open. the dc council is currently looking for a new owner for the hospital. in sports the capitals play the panthers in south florida tonight. the nhl will review the sight from last night's game. ovechkin and downey throw down their gloves to fight over an alleged dirty play. bradley came in and fought and that is not allowed. caps lose this one 7-4. the night didn't go better for if wizards. they became the first team to lose to the pistons in 14 games. the final 99-90. washington visits atlanta tonight. our time is 6:50. 28 degrees here in northwest washington. the numbers are in from yesterday's hov enforcement. in three minutes how many tickets were handed out.
6:51 am
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here's what is in the news now. reports out of haiti this morning say there are bodies laying in the streets. a magnitude 7 quake rocked the capital of port-au-prince yesterday. local search and rescue teams are gearing up to head out. a judge says two families can proceed with a lawsuit against virginia tech. the families of aaron peterson and julia pride claim gross negligence leading up to the 2007 shooting. they are suing for $10 million. and virginia state police handed out 83 tickets for hov violations on tuesday. it is part of a crackdown on cheaters. seven of those tickets were for second offenses. still chilly this morning. we have temperatures in the 20s. we will get to near 40 this afternoon. sunshine and a few clouds and even warmer as we head to the end of the week. i will have the seven day coming up and patranya bhoolsuwan will have a look at traffic as 9 news now returns. ñ
6:55 am
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it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. happy birthday to uno the cocker spaniel. isn't he adorable? he is 22 years old, the oldest dog on record. he has lived with his family in sherman oaks, california and despite pushing 110 in human year he still gets an pretty well, although he has some trouble with stairs. >> a couple of spots to watch for as you head out for in maryland. a water main break in glenn dale at glenn dale boulevard. still shut down another at eastbound university. close between carroll an piney branch. all lanes blocked there, as well. to the district, crews are trying to clear the accident at
6:59 am
rigs road between north capitol and rock creek church. ever we are still cold but pushing the 40-degree mark this afternoon, in to the 40s tomorrow. friday near 50. if not on friday we will do it on saturday. but sunday is wet with highs in the lower 40s, clearing out early on martin luther king day and tuesday better at 50. >> 50s look wonderful. as for wall street we are looking higher but we have some economic data to get through. >> i know we promised you a hero central story about a trios restaurant. sorry we didn't have it. we had technical difficulties but we promise we will get it to you tomorrow. and also a look at super foods for women. and at 9:00 we will talk to vincent gray about his political future in the district. >> get the news around the clock by going to >> have a wonderful day, everybody.

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